• The 21st anniversary of death of US diplomats and a French soldier on Mt Igman

    190801509skSARAJEVO, August 18 (FENA) – It has been 21 years since the tragedy on Mount Igman when the US diplomats Joseph Kruzel, Robert Frasure, Samuel Nelson Drew and a French soldier Stephan Reault lost their lives, and the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina tomorrow will mark this anniversary.

    On that 19 August 1995, diplomats from the office of Richard Holbrooke, the special envoy of then US President Bill Clinton and a French soldier died in an accident that occurred on the Igman road, returning to Sarajevo following a peace mission.

    It is planned that tomorrow’s marking includes addressed of the Deputy Defense Minister Sead Jusić, Ambassadors of the United States and France to BiH Maureen Cormack and Claire Bodonyi and Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Jonathan Moore, announced today the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

    Members of the BiH Presidency, BiH Council of Ministers, representatives of NATO Headquarters in BiH, EUFOR, representatives of international institutions in BiH, the military-diplomatic corps in BiH, general’s corps of the Armed Forces of BiH, as well as the highest representatives of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH have all been invited to commemorate this anniversary.

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  • Paragliding championship “Sarajevo Open Air 2016” on Mt Bjelašnica

    paraglajdingSARAJEVO, August 18 (FENA) – The Olympic mountain Bjelašnica will from 19 to 21 August will be a host the International Paragliding Championship “Sarajevo Open Air 2016” with a large number of participants from BiH and countries in the region.

    The organizer of the competition is “Extreme Sports Club” from Sarajevo, which has implemented a number of successful competitions earlier, including the World Cup in precise paraglider landing on the target in 2013, which was declared by the FAI (World Air Sports Federation) as one of the best organized world competitions in precise paraglider landing.

    “We invite all citizens to come to Babin do on Mt Bjelašnica, learn more about this attractive sport, and experience a bit of adrenaline watching the paragliding pilots and their skills while trying to achieve best results. Weather forecast for the weekend promises good weather with perfect direction and power of wind, which gives great conditions for successfully maintaining of the competition and to have a good time in fresh air,” said the organizers.

  • EnviroDay Fair 2016: Increasing awareness about importance of air quality

    SARAJEVO, 17. avgusta (FENA) - Izložba o temi praćenja kvalitete zraka u Bosni i Hercegovini kroz istoriju, koju su povodom PriroDana 2016 organizirali Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), Program Ujedinjenih nacija (UN) za okoliš, Delegacija Evropske unije (EU) u BiH, EU Info centar, Regionalni centar za obrazovanje i informiranje iz održivog razvoja za jugoistočnu Evropu te Ministarstvo prostornog uređenja, građenja i zaštite okoliša Kantona Sarajevo (KS), otvorena je danas u Sarajevu. Foto FENA/Emir BurlovicSARAJEVO, August 17 (FENA) – “EnviroDay Fair 2016” was held today at Wilson’s promenade in Sarajevo, organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Sarajevo Film Festival.

    “At this year’s fair we have about 15 exhibitors who will organize various educational workshops on air quality for children that will have an opportunity to see different instruments for measuring air quality,” told FENA a representative of UNEP Amina Omićević.

    She also added that a showcase of healthy food will also be held, as well as a competition in slow cycling.

  • SFF marks Human Rights Day with screening of the film “Among the Believers”

    DSC_1601SARAJEVO, August 16 (FENA) – The Sarajevo Film Festival shall today in a special program marked Human Rights Day, and this event was hosted for the eighth year in a row in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Meeting Point Cinema hosted the screening of a documentary film “Among the Believers” directed by Mohammed Ali Naqvi and Hemal Trivedi, as well as a panel at the Meeting Point Cinema.

    The topic of this year’s Human Rights Panel after the film screening was “Can we fight violent extremism with education?

    This documentary brings disturbing and revealing research about dissemination of radical Islamic teaching of the Islamic school Red Mosque in Pakistan that has trained generations of children to dedicate their lives to jihad or the holy war since early childhood.

    Former Deputy Ambassador and Counselor for Culture at the Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart said that the UN has recognized this problem and that it held a conference in Geneva in April this year, at which Switzerland presented the Action Plan for the fight against violent extremism.

    “The most important thing is education, and employment of young people. If young people are unemployed, then they have nothing to do,” explained Brülhart.

    Brülhart said that students need to study all subjects, such as mathematics, foreign languages, and religions.

    In a country with a rate of illiteracy of 43 percent, where 17.2 percent of the total population lives in poverty, education is still seen by many as a luxury, especially in rural areas.

    According to the official data from the national annual statistical report on education for 2014/2015 academic year, a shocking number of 24 million Pakistani children do not attend school.

    The Competition Program – Documentary Film of the Sarajevo Film Festival showcases films inspired by various aspects of human rights.

    By marking this special day the festival aims to further emphasize the importance of film as a significant and powerful medium for the promotion of human rights.

    The films and topics chosen each year for marking the Human Rights Day provide an opportunity for panel participants, the audience and the media to discuss pressing issues currently faced by individuals or communities in the world.

    The Human Rights Award, awarded to a film in the Competition Program – Documentary Film that best deals with human rights issues will be given at the official awards ceremony of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

    Its prize of 3.000 Euros is provided by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart received the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award for his outstanding contribution and support to Obala Art Center, as well as the initiative for the construction of the Meeting Point as a cultural center.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart will also be remembered for his efforts in the restoration of the National Gallery of BiH, the construction of the so-called Hodler Gallery in BiH and many other achievements for the cultural scene in BiH.

    Performing the duty of Deputy Ambassador and Counselor for Culture at the Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo, in the period from 1996 to 1998, Brülhart was the initiator of the reconstruction of the cultural scene in Sarajevo.

    During this period, Switzerland donated nearly 100 million Swiss francs for the reconstruction and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which about two million were earmarked for culture, in order to support the reconstruction of Bosnian cultural institutions, promote cultural exchange in Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, and promote cultural exchange between BiH and Switzerland.

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  • The 20th anniversary of post-war opening of Sarajevo International Airport

    Promocija dokumentarnog filma "Reborn" povodom otvaranja Sarajevskog aerodromaSARAJEVO, August 16 (FENA) – The Sarajevo International Airport today marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of civilian air traffic at the airport after the war with the official promotion of the documentary film “Reborn”.

    The film “Reborn” by Edita Sulejmanović, shows in a retrospective the past 20 years of operation of the Sarajevo Airport, and puts the emphasis on its rebirth and ambitious development toward being a reputable company.

    Managing director of the Sarajevo International Airport and his longtime employee Armin Kajmaković, who himself participated in the reconstruction, in his address to the many guests recalled the past, and the time when after the end of aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina began the reconstruction of the then completely destroyed and devastated airport.

    “We are aware of the fact that the continuous development must be a guiding principle in the business of the Sarajevo International Airport, and I am pleased to say that twenty years later this company records new successes, and our work commitment has been recognized by many, and this airport has once again become one of the most frequent destinations for hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the world,” stressed Kajmaković.

    He said that the airport for the past 20 years has recorded success, and it is experiencing a turning point in terms of development, but also breaking new records. Positive results are expected in the coming months, and, when it comes to passengers, at the end of this year the airport expects to exceed the number of 800,000 passengers.

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    SARAJEVO, July 2 (FENA) – The ceremonial concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra entitled “Greetings from Austria” at the Sarajevo City Hall opened the festival “Baščaršija Nights” last night which will last until July 31.

    The Austrian Embassy in BiH supported the concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra with which the soloist Brigitta Simon and conductor Uwe Theimer performed. The program also contained works of composers Franz von Suppe, Johann Strauss, Karl Komzak, Franz Lehar and Robert Stolz. 

    This year’s 20th festival will have 29 programs in different areas of artistic creation. 



      SARAJEVO, July 1 (FENA) – The United States military band “The Wings of Dixie” held a performance last night at Žuta tabija in Sarajevo within the second Sarajevo Ramadan Festival. “The Wings of Dixie” performed several BiH sevdalinkas and organizers of the Festival think that this is a confirmation of centuries old diversity


    SARAJEVO, July 1 (FENA) – The United States military band “The Wings of Dixie” held a performance last night at Žuta tabija in Sarajevo within the second Sarajevo Ramadan Festival. 

    “The Wings of Dixie” performed several BiH sevdalinkas and organizers of the Festival think that this is a confirmation of centuries old diversity. 

    With their music, “The Wings of Dixie” celebrates the American tradition of dixieland jazz and their performance brought to Sarajevo the spirit of New Orleans, the city in which this type of jazz was born. 

    The performance of the band was organized with the help of the United States Embassy in Sarajevo. 


    SARAJEVO, October 17 (FENA) – A master piece of Ottoman architecture, the Aladža mosque in Foča, which was built by a close associate of Mimar Sinan, Hasan Nezir, in 1549, will soon join the chain of memorial and cultural heritage pearls of Bosnia and Herzegovina.This mosque was completely destroyed in August 1992 and construction works for its rebuilding officially began in Foča yesterday. This religious site is located in the old town in Foča on the right riverbank of Ćehotine River.The director of the Waqf Directorate Sarajevo Senaid Zajimović confirmed to FENA that the works include the reconstruction of not only the Aladža mosque but also the Imam house in its harem.

    “This is a novelty because we want to bring to life not only the mosque but also the Waqf facility which used to be next to the mosque and we will make a museum of all mosques in BiH in it while one part will be reserved for the Imam of the Aladža mosque where he will perform his duties.

    It is true that works began in late fall and the winter is coming but we could have not begun earlier for objective reasons such as receiving a construction permit for the Imam house and the process of getting the documentation for the Turkish construction firm ‘Sama insaat’,” he said.

    The first stage will include earthworks or excavations around the mosque and Imam house and this will last for up to a month. At the same time, efforts will be made for the processing and preparation of the original stone from which the Aladža mosque was constructed 500 years ago.

    Zajimović underlines that the completion of earthworks and setting of foundations for the beginning of wall construction is to take place by the end of the year. However, if works are stopped due to weather conditions, their continuation was planned for early spring.

    All construction works will be done under the supervision of the Commission for the Preservation of National Monuments of BiH since this is a national monument and a candidate for enlistment for the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Planner Amir Pašić, who worked on the Old Bridge in Mostar, is guided by the original designs of the mosque.

    “We have drawings which date from the period when the mosque was built and we have found them at the Istanbul Archives and the Waqf Archives Directorate of the Republic of Turkey. The reconstruction will be as genuine as possible,” Zajimović said.

    He also reminded that the original vakufnama of the Aladža mosque has not been found yet but only documents that point to it and its architectural details.

    Besides the Commission, works will also be supervised by the General Waqf Directorate of the Republic of Turkey which is financing the project while three domestic companies from Mostar, Jablanica and Foča will perform works.

    The exact values of the project will be known when the works are finished but the amount is assessed everywhere between five and six million KM.

    The deadline for the end of construction works is between a year and a half and two years and the opening of the mosque is to take place in May 2016.