• Tennis: Patricia Tig, in the finals of ITF Tournament of St. Petersburg

    Romanian tennis player Patricia Maria Tig has qualified on Saturday for the finals of the ITF Tournament in St. Petersburg (Russia), with total prizes worth 50,000 dollars, after having defeated in the semifinals Serbian Vesna Dolonc, 7-5, 6-1.

    Tig (20 years of age) takes the 220th position worldwide, while Vesna Dolonc (25 years), former Manasieva, is ranked 273 worldwide, but her best ranking was 84th, in July 2003. More…

  • Foreign Ministry: We are appalled by Nemtsov’s brutal murder

    Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was appalled by the brutal murder of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov, noting that the perpetrators of the assassination must be found and justice must be delivered.

    The ministry said in a press release that the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Moscow participates in a ceremony held at the scene of the murder to pay tribute to Nemtsov, in the presence of diplomats from all the embassies of EU member states.


  • Sofia Condemns Murder of Russian Opposition Politician Boris Nemtsov

    Sofia, February 28 (BTA) – Bulgarian politicians Saturday condemned the murder of Russian opposition leader and former deputy prime minister Boris Nemtsov.
    President Rosen Plevneliev told journalists that the whole democratic world suffers from the impudent murder of Nemtsov. He was approached for comment in Bansko (Southwestern Bulgaria).  “We are concerned because it is not normal for the confrontation between the opposition and the incumbents in a country to become so sharp as to lead to this,” he said. Plevneliev noted that Bulgaria is carefully following the development of the case and he expressed the hope that the perpetrators will be found quickly and punished with legal means. MORE

  • Iohannis: Romania’s role is that of being a stability and wise political thinking landmark in the area

    President Klaus Iohannis on Saturday said that Romania’s role in the context of the tensions at the eastern border of the European Union (EU) is that of being “a stability and wise political thinking landmark in the area.”

    “The recent visits to the Republic of Moldova and Germany provided me, from two different stands, with a more detailed image on the current geopolitical situation. Romania’s role is that of being a stability and wise political thinking landmark in the area, in the context of the tensions and the danger at the eastern border of the European Union,” the President wrote on his Facebook account. More…

  • Greek Ambassador: Non-recognition of illegal regime acts as incentive towards a settlement

    Despite the frustration and the disappointment caused by the continuing, for 40 years now, illegal occupation of the northern part of Cyprus, the fact that Turkey has not achieved any kind of recognition of the illegal Turkish Cypriot regime is no coincidence, the Ambassador of Greece in Nicosia Vassilis Papaioannou has stressed.

    This, he pointed out, is an incentive in efforts to reach a political settlement of the Cyprus problem.

    In an interview with CNA, on the occasion of his imminent departure from Cyprus after his six year term in Nicosia, Papaioannou said that “our effort during these past six years was to boost the morale against any possible feelings of hopelessness caused by the ongoing occupation for forty years now, which some may described as a `dangerous routine`.”

    “Many are wondering if there is anything that can be done, forty years on. Things are not like this at all, because we, Greek and Cypriot diplomats, exert efforts at all levels, at every international or regional forum,” he added.

    “Forty years have passed and may be there is frustration and disappointment for the illegal occupation but on the other hand Turkey has not achieved any kind of recognition of the illegal regime, its subordinate administration in occupied Cyprus, and this constitutes a driving force of our own determination,” to work for a settlement, the Ambassador told CNA.

    When Vassilis Papaioannou took office in Nicosia back in 2009, conditions were much different in Greece and Cyprus, mainly with regards to the economy. In both countries economic adjustment programmes are in place. However as the outgoing Greek Ambassador indicates, these developments do not have an impact on the relations between the two countries.

    “Relations between the two countries are not circumstantial. There are brotherly relations, deeply rooted in history. Our interests are common, and based on this, we join forces in international fora in order to deal with the illegality of the secessionist regime that violates every sense of respect of international law,” he noted.

    With regard to the economy, he pointed out that the two countries struggle in order to create a sound economy based on growth, prosperity and social justice, indicating at the same time that direct communication between the President of Cyprus and the Greek Prime Minister reaffirms the coordination and common efforts towards this direction.

    At the same time Vassilis Papaioannou reassured that despite the current economic situation in Greece, nothing has changed concerning Greece`s approach to the Cyprus problem and recalled that during his recent visit to Cyprus Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reiterated that the Cyprus problem remains the primary issue on the Greek foreign policy agenda.

    Asked about ways that Greece and Cyprus could break the deadlock at the Cyprus talks, Papaioannou underlined that Turkey should comply with the international law and should stop arbitrary unilateral illegal actions. “Our aim is to promote this necessity, using all political and diplomatic tools we have at our disposal,” he said, noting at the same time that Cyprus and Greece work also at the EU level so that any Cyprus solution agreement will be in line with the EU principles and values. “The Republic of Cyprus is an EU member state and its evolution should be based on a single sovereignty, single citizenship and single international personality,” he stressed.

    Referring to energy issues and cooperation with neighboring countries like Israel and Egypt, the outgoing Ambassador of Greece spoke about two concrete facts. The first, as he explained, relates to the fact that Greece and Cyprus are factors of stability and security in the broader region and the second that there is an international interest in this region regarding hydrocarbon reserves.

    “So we are at the centre of this interest and we consider broader regional cooperation imperative and we support it, ” he said, acknowledging that there has been significant progress towards this direction with the trilateral meetings of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and of Greece, Cyprus and Egypt.

    Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third. A breakaway state declared unilaterally independence in 1983, in the areas of the island under Turkish occupation, an action condemned by the international community and the UN Security Council as legally null and void.

    Repeated UN-led rounds of peace talks have so far failed to bring about an agreed settlement in Cyprus, due primarily to Turkish intransigence and Ankara’s policy of a two state solution.

  • ‘Halvita’, the crisp soapwort nougat, makes strong comeback in Giurgiu County

    ‘Halvita’ or the crisp soapwort nougat, a sweeter than honey confectionery product, has made a strong comeback in the fairs of the southern Giurgiu County, as candy lovers of all ages seek it for its crunchy and pleasantly sticky consistency.

    “‘Halvita’ is poured on wafer sheets or directly in trays, and after it is kept cold for at least 12 hours, it is cut into various shapes and sizes depending on the grammage required by the customers. We have ‘halvita’ for all budgets, from large pieces of up to five hundred grams packed in wafer sheets and wrapped in cellophane to very tiny pieces that fit a child’s bite,” uncle Tudor, a ‘halvita’ manufacturer from Giurgiu, told AGERPRES. More…

  • House Speaker wraps up visit to Czech Republic

    Chairwoman of the Czech Republic – Cyprus Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group in the Parliament of Czech Republic Kristýna Zelienková has shown an interest the agreements signed between Cyprus and Russia.

    Zelienková has asked President of the House of Representatives Yiannakis Omirou for clarifications regarding the facilities which Cyprus provides to the Russian Federation, reliable sources have told CNA.

    Omirou stressed that Cyprus opts for the demilitarization of the island and even the withdrawal of the British Bases from the island. He also referred to Russia`s unwavering support to Cyprus at the UN Security Council, saying Moscow continues to support Nicosia on the basis of the principled positions of international law.

    The agreement signed between the Presidents of Russia and Cyprus in Moscow, during President Anastasiades` official visit to Russia, allows Russian navy ships to use Cypriot ports.

    Omirou wrapped up his official visit to the Czech Republic with a dinner hosted in his honor by Zelienková, also attended by members of the Friendship Group.

    Addressing Omirou, Zelienková said that his contacts were fruitful. She said she was please Omirou had the time to meet with her and exchange views on a number of issues concerning both sides.

    On his part, Omirou expressed his thanks for the invitation extended to him by the President of the Czech Parliament to visit the country and for the opportunity given to him to meet with the Chairperson and members of the Friendship Group.

    He said that during his visit he had productive and fruitful meetings with the Speaker, the President of the Senate, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the country.


  • Minister of Health to participate in international conference on Ebola

    Minister of Health Philippos Patsalis will participate in an international conference on Ebola on 3 March, in Brussels, aiming to take stock of the current fight against Ebola, coordinate further action for the total eradication of the disease and discuss the recovery process in the most affected countries.

    The event will be co-chaired by the Presidents of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, President of Togo, High Representatives from the United Nations, the African Union, and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

    According to an official announcement, the participation of states in the Conference is expected to be particularly high at a time when the Ebola virus transmission rate shows an increase again.

    During the Conference there will be an additional special debate on the situation in each of the affected countries in order to provide support to affected countries and neighboring states so that they can continue efforts to eradicate the disease and develop recovery plans after the eradication of the disease.

    The Conference is gaining political importance as it can be the stepping stone to the spring meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


  • UK: Now not the time to ease pressure on Moscow

    The Foreign Office in London has stressed the importance of maintaining EU unity against the course of action undertaken by Russia in Ukraine.

    Asked by the Cyprus News Agency to comment on the agreement signed between Cyprus and Russia which allows Russian navy ships to use Cypriot ports, a Foreign Office spokesperson said that access to Cypriot ports is a matter for the Cypriot authorities. “But as the Cypriot President has made clear: ‘the use of Limassol port would not be for military purposes’,” they added.

    A CNA source had commented earlier that the agreement is set in the context of the current concerns regarding Russian policy over Ukraine. The Foreign Office spokesperson noted that in the face of Russian aggression it is important to maintain EU unity. “We have been clear that as long as Russia continues to illegally destabilise a neighbour, it cannot be business as usual. That is why the UK has pushed for tough sanctions and they are working. Now is not the time to ease the pressure on Moscow.”

    London considers a measure of Russia’s willingness to ease tensions its behaviour towards the agreement signed in Belarus aiming at ceasing fire in eastern Ukraine. The spokesperson described the fulfillment of “all of Russia’s commitments” under the Minsk Agreement as “imperative”.

    “We and our EU partners have been clear that there needs to see actions not just words,” added the Foreign Office spokesperson.


  • Romanian and Georgian Foreign Ministers sign multi-sector collaboration program

    The Romanian and Georgian Foreign Ministers, Bogdan Aurescu and Tamar Beruchashvili, respectively, have signed, on Friday, at the Government House, in the presence of the two countries’ Prime Ministers, Victor Ponta and Irakli Garibashvili, a program of collaboration between Romania and Georgia in the realms of culture, education and science, mass-media, youth and sports. More…

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