• SFF marks Human Rights Day with screening of the film “Among the Believers”

    DSC_1601SARAJEVO, August 16 (FENA) – The Sarajevo Film Festival shall today in a special program marked Human Rights Day, and this event was hosted for the eighth year in a row in cooperation with the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Meeting Point Cinema hosted the screening of a documentary film “Among the Believers” directed by Mohammed Ali Naqvi and Hemal Trivedi, as well as a panel at the Meeting Point Cinema.

    The topic of this year’s Human Rights Panel after the film screening was “Can we fight violent extremism with education?

    This documentary brings disturbing and revealing research about dissemination of radical Islamic teaching of the Islamic school Red Mosque in Pakistan that has trained generations of children to dedicate their lives to jihad or the holy war since early childhood.

    Former Deputy Ambassador and Counselor for Culture at the Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart said that the UN has recognized this problem and that it held a conference in Geneva in April this year, at which Switzerland presented the Action Plan for the fight against violent extremism.

    “The most important thing is education, and employment of young people. If young people are unemployed, then they have nothing to do,” explained Brülhart.

    Brülhart said that students need to study all subjects, such as mathematics, foreign languages, and religions.

    In a country with a rate of illiteracy of 43 percent, where 17.2 percent of the total population lives in poverty, education is still seen by many as a luxury, especially in rural areas.

    According to the official data from the national annual statistical report on education for 2014/2015 academic year, a shocking number of 24 million Pakistani children do not attend school.

    The Competition Program – Documentary Film of the Sarajevo Film Festival showcases films inspired by various aspects of human rights.

    By marking this special day the festival aims to further emphasize the importance of film as a significant and powerful medium for the promotion of human rights.

    The films and topics chosen each year for marking the Human Rights Day provide an opportunity for panel participants, the audience and the media to discuss pressing issues currently faced by individuals or communities in the world.

    The Human Rights Award, awarded to a film in the Competition Program – Documentary Film that best deals with human rights issues will be given at the official awards ceremony of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

    Its prize of 3.000 Euros is provided by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart received the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award for his outstanding contribution and support to Obala Art Center, as well as the initiative for the construction of the Meeting Point as a cultural center.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Brülhart will also be remembered for his efforts in the restoration of the National Gallery of BiH, the construction of the so-called Hodler Gallery in BiH and many other achievements for the cultural scene in BiH.

    Performing the duty of Deputy Ambassador and Counselor for Culture at the Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo, in the period from 1996 to 1998, Brülhart was the initiator of the reconstruction of the cultural scene in Sarajevo.

    During this period, Switzerland donated nearly 100 million Swiss francs for the reconstruction and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of which about two million were earmarked for culture, in order to support the reconstruction of Bosnian cultural institutions, promote cultural exchange in Bosnia and former Yugoslavia, and promote cultural exchange between BiH and Switzerland.

    Photo: FENA