• AGERPRES Director General Giboi nominated by six European agencies to run for EANA Secretary General

    AGERPRES Director General Alexandru Giboi was nominated as candidate for the Secretary General position of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA).

    According to the EANA statutes, in order to become a candidate for this position, the nomination of at least three member agencies is needed and Alexandru Giboi was nominated by the following agencies: BTA (Bulgaria), CNA (Cyprus), ANA-MPA (Greece), ATA (Albania), FENA (Bosnia and Herzegovina), TASR (Slovakia), alongside AGERPRES Romanian National News Agency.

    Currently, Alexandru Giboi is a member in the EANA Board, elected in September 2015, but he also holds the Secretary General position of the Association of the Balkan News Agencies – Southeast Europe (ABNA), being elected for a second mandate in September 2016.

    This autumn’s elections will take place after the current Secretary General completes his mandate, namely Erik Nylen, who is a mass-media expert with a vast experience. Prior to taking over the Secretary General position of the EANA, he also was CEO of Sweden’s TT News Agency.

    Also running for the Secretary General position of the EANA is Poland’s Lidia Sobanska, who is endorsed by three news agencies.

    For the first time in the EANA history, the Spring Conference of the Alliance will take place in Bucharest, in April 2018, at the invitation of AGERPRES Romanian National News Agency. More…

  • EANA calls Croatian authorities to discuss independence of Hina news agency

    The Board of the European Alliance of News Agencies has sent on Thursday a letter to the Government of Croatia, asking for a meeting in Zagreb to discuss media independence and especially the role of the Croatian News Agency Hina.

    The letter signed by EANA President Clive Marshall and Secretary General Erik Nylen reads, “The Board of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) finds the ongoing discussion about media policy in Croatia alarming! We take it that the Croatian government agrees with the EANA Board that independent news media is a vital part of a democratic society. This includes the role of news agency Hina that since many years is a respected member of EANA which comprises news agencies in 32 European countries and serves as a forum for cooperation and information for the news agency business.”

    “The ENA Board is hereby asking the Croatian government for a meeting in Zagreb as soon as possible to discuss how we together can safeguard independent news media in Croatia. (…) It is of the utmost importance that the Croatian Government is safeguarding the editorial, managerial and economic independence of Hina that successfully has completed a restructuring reducing the number of noneditorial employees. Unbiased news play even more essential role for democracy in these days of dramatic political and economic changes, discussions about European cooperation and migration etc. The news agency business constitutes the very core of news gathering and distribution and has to be seen as a backbone of true, independent and unbiased news reporting in any democracy. It is a business that needs a healthy environment abounding in freedom of the press, fair competition and simple and basic rules to operate.”

    “News agencies working in accordance with the principles of press freedom and unbiased news are of major importance to the operation of a democratic society. To secure an economic and legal environment for news agencies operating in accordance with these rules is therefore one of EANA’s main concerns. The increasingly
    rapid development of information technology enables more and more platforms where there is a direct or indirect need for independent, reliable news coverage.
    The EANA Board looks forward to the discussion about Croatian media policy in general and especially about Hina’s role as an independent news agency that both media in Croatia and abroad can rely on to be informed about developments in the country.” More…

  • AGERPRES general director elected in EANA Board

    The General Assembly of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) elected as member of its Board Alexandru Giboi, general director of AGERPRES, in an unanimous vote on Friday. It was a first at EANA for a representative of Romania’s national news agency. More…